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Our Employee App

We designed and developed an employee app to improve customer to worker communication. This app ties into a larger system we created, which helps us manage all aspects of the business. Currently the app is for our employees only and is IOS based.

Photo Uploading

Uploading photos is one of the many features our app offers and these images allow you, our customers, to stay engaged with the work being done. Our employees try and take at least one photo of each job they complete. The images provide our managers and team leaders the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the progress of each of our jobs. Within our system photos can be linked to work descriptions to greatly improve job clarity.

If you would like to see the photos collected from your property you can login to your private customer portal or contact us to gain access to this if you have not already signed up. This is a great tool for anyone who lives out of town and would like to keep up with the status of their yard or project. Many of these images are visible to the public but we do not share customer names or addresses. We have privacy settings built into the customer portal to hide images from the public. We welcome any feedback on our system and are always trying to improve it.

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