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Raised Vegetable Gardens

05/16/2024 - Edible Gardens, Vegetable Garden

Galvanized cattle troughs make up these veggie beds.  A custom cedar fence helps keep out the deer and rabbits.

Instant Veggie Gardens

We have large container gardens that are perfect for vegetables, herbs or flowers. We make them from galvanized water troughs that are sturdy, chemical free and built to last for many years. The containers are designed to drain well and come with automatic drip irrigation. They have a rich blend of organic potting mix and come in 2 sizes. These make a great addition to a patio or anywhere that gets good sun.

Cross-section of a typical raised garden made from a metal water trough.

Benefits of Raised Gardens:

  1. Better soil control: Raised beds allow you to create the ideal soil mix for your plants, as you can fill them with a blend of topsoil, compost, and other amendments to ensure optimal growing conditions.

  2. Improved drainage: Raised beds tend to drain better than traditional in-ground gardens, which is particularly beneficial in areas with heavy, clay-rich, or poorly draining soils.

  3. Easier maintenance: Since raised beds are elevated, they require less bending and stooping, making planting, weeding, and harvesting easier and more comfortable.

  4. Extended growing season: Soil in raised beds tends to warm up earlier in the spring and stay warmer later into the fall, allowing for a longer growing season.

  5. Pest and weed control: Raised beds can deter some pests like slugs and snails, as well as make it easier to spot and remove weeds. Installing barriers like hardware cloth at the bottom of the bed can also prevent burrowing pests.

  6. Space efficiency: Raised beds allow you to maximize your growing space, as you can plant crops more densely compared to traditional row gardening.

  7. Aesthetic appeal: Raised beds can add a tidy, organized, and attractive element to your garden or landscape design.

  8. Accessibility: Raised beds can be built at a height that accommodates people with limited mobility or those who use wheelchairs, making gardening more accessible.

  9. Crop rotation and companion planting: Raised beds make it easier to practice crop rotation and companion planting, which can improve soil health, reduce pest and disease issues, and increase yields.

  10. Customization: Raised beds can be built in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your specific needs, space, and preferences.